Watch the surrounding packaging comparison: Rolex watch box articles

Today is a high imitation rolex replica watches on the contrast article, a comparison on the table box, in the past I have been looking for time to do some comprehensive comparison of the article, today's comparison article, I do a lot of preparation in advance. ①: I first find Taobao counter purchasing, asked them to buy a Rolex original box ②: and then took out the high imitation table I used to manage the high imitation of Rolex original box, (is the best high imitation Rolex watch box) ③: went to the station West market, bought all the same type of market on the original table box (only 2 kinds of a "rubber" a "cardboard", but are in accordance with the original appearance of imitation original box. In doing so, the whole review involves four different boxes that look exactly the same, but if you look curious, but at different prices, or if you want to know how the high imitation business is working , Or you want to know the original box and high imitation of the box is different, then this article will certainly inspire you. This article is an objective comparison article, I will be all the table box, with the same angle, the same lighting conditions, the same camera, the same flash conditions to shoot a group of specimens, and then all the table box And the original one by one comparison, also attached to the summary, this variety is very time-consuming contrast. Only four table box, there are more than 50 pictures, it will update the more slow, you Tell me to be patient. ①: Specimen (original replica rolex watches original box) Looking for a Taobao Shopping and selling second-hand authentic seller bought two original boxes, a Panerai, a Rolex, the family has a physical store in the local, is absolutely Kaopu's. I also determined that this is indeed a genuine original box. ②: Standard Edition: high imitation watch box A1 (currently I manage the high table mall gift table box) This watch box is in the market I find a lot of home supply table box business, select the most authentic table box, of course, the market's most expensive uk replica watches original watch box, whether in Taobao, or other businesses there, it is impossible Find the same list box. The following article we referred to A1 table box We can note that although we use the watch box is the best workmanship on the market table box, is the largest cost of the table box, but also the only use of leather material to do outside the watch box, but in contrast with the original, we can Found that the color is the first color. (But you are hard to say which is good, which is not good) original table box green is completely seamless. However, the green of the high imitation watch box seems to have a slight color difference in the color of the leather on the edge and inside, as can be clearly seen from Fig. 1 to Fig. Well, this article first temporarily here deadline, one-time explanation too much, it is inevitable that some boring, this article I will be reproduced to the local tyrants forum (WWW.TUHAOBBS.NET) we may wish to open the Tucao energy spit Tucao. I will take the time in the next few days it finished these things. Of course, I bought all the boxes will be compared and the original, contrast, after the completion of the 3135 movement to explain the sort of finishing order to write a post. Well, thank you for watching here