Introduction of China - made complex movement of the multi - needle movement - Shanghai 7751 movement

And finally have time to update this article, and has been dragged on for a long time, this article is a detailed movement, this movement is currently the most complex movement of high-end movement, but this movement in the clock On the application, in particular the application of high imitation watches, is very cautious. This movement has up to 7 indicators, there is no doubt that the movement in the timer, the function more movement, I believe that people like to install this movement uk replica watches, most of them are running to the function. In this article I will explain all the features of this movement, as well as personal views on this movement. If you are interested in Shanghai 7751 movement, this article is still very worth a visit. First of all, briefly introduce the function of this movement, this movement I have seen the most used, is the high imitation of the Longines Masters series L2.673.8.78.3 this replica watches uk, but according to my personal Of the understanding of the majority of Friends of the table even friends, for the specific functions of this table and do not quite understand, so I thought to do such an article so that we understand the movement of the relevant functions, Middle position: big three needle + date pointer: big three need not say more points, when the seconds, but the fourth root pointer is a lot of friends that GMT is a time pointer, in fact, is not the case, the real function of this pointer Date pointer. This is different from any other watch, including a lot of watches and other types of information website also has the wrong mark. 12 o'clock position: 30 minutes timer dial, with the middle position of the second operation time, with the month & week display 9 o'clock position: slightly longer pointer for the 24-hour chronograph & 60 minutes small pointer, 6 o'clock position: 12-hour chronograph and "moon phase function" Here we simply look at the appearance of this movement, in order to facilitate the Friends of the Friends of the memory, I deliberately to this movement in the camera when installed on the test panel to facilitate the understanding, we can explain the corresponding through me. To remember the relevant functions. About "moon phase" Moon phase this function sounds very tall. In the past I do not know when the clock, moon phase to give me the feeling almost become a symbol of the moon phase = expensive. When I understand, I personally feel that this is not a lot of meaning and function, and most of the online explanation of obscure, of course, this is to increase the artistic effect, and the promotion effect, this can not comment. Here I give you a simple explanation, so that we simply read the moon phase Give a detailed example, I am in the lunar calendar is the 15th of the lunar month will be adjusted to the middle of the full moon is the state of the moon phase rotation frequency of 24 hours of rotation 1/60, then that is the next full moon, Which is next month on the 15th of the lunar calendar, just turn 29.5 grid, then that is exactly the next full moon state, simply moon phase function is a lunar time algorithm. Of course, similar to other special movement of the watch special moon phase function I did not do much to understand, but for this a Chinese-made 7751 movement. If there is no place to talk about, or have errors, but also hope that the table Ya You are friends. This movement in the transformation of parts engineering is greater than the standard 7751 movement. After all, this movement through the delicate machinery to provide 8 practical function, I think the standard Shanghai 7751 movement is the calendar through the tool at 10 o'clock position by the kind of movement, I prefer the This movement is called the phase 7751, of course, there are a large number of related articles on the Internet will this movement is called 7751, then I do as the customary, so called, this movement because of the large number of parts modification, there is an absolute taboo , That is, jump calendar, that is, between 19 to 6 points to adjust the relevant functions of the swiss replica watches, will inevitably lead to parts stuck, so that some missing features. This is a common problem with all mechanical timepieces. After all, in the high cost of construction of the movement. Want to create the perfect mechanical structure is a very difficult thing, to do every part of the movement in-depth research, slow speed, it means slow realization, which for the vast majority of Chinese businessmen, Chinese enterprises are Is absolutely intolerable. But anyway, this movement appears, is undoubtedly a great thing, open mode people also achieved through this movement can not be achieved in the past, the Longines Mingjiang multi-needle series engraved. Well, I believe you see here on this movement has been a clear understanding of the. In simple terms, this is a cheap but clearly taboo multi-needle timer watch, its special functionality has been completely overcome. If the quality, the thickness and then have a greater promotion, no doubt, in the future, there will be more development and variation, well here to thank everyone for watching.