Detailed description of the original Cartier quartz movement: with other Swiss quartz contrast

In the past has been a detailed explanation of the movement of the article, then today I explain some of the quartz movement on the article, on the quartz movement network illustrated illustrations are rare, first of all I would like to introduce this article, this article The article I will use two original genuine Cartier used to do the standard version of the movement, but also come up with the most common Swiss quartz movement to do a comparison, so that everyone on the quartz movement has a rough idea, but also through this Let us understand the article, the original quartz movement and ordinary Swiss quartz movement is replica watches also commonly used in high imitation watches, Swiss quartz movement What is the difference. First of all, I'll briefly explain to explain the first standard version of the movement Standard Edition 1: original Cartier 1/2 method (round) quartz movement This quartz movement is mainly applied to the genuine Cartier blue balloon W69010Z4, the movement of suppliers for the Rhonda Group, of course, the movement is also by the Cartier Group to the Rhonda Group-made products. First of all, we look at the appearance of this movement, in the middle I will not do too much to explain, because the quartz movement is relatively simple, mainly by the pulse frequency to ensure the accuracy of the movement. I directly in the summary of this movement in a one-time explanation. summary: We can see that this simple quartz movement, it is not shoddy, Cartier in this movement, but also added a layer similar to the Swiss ETA movement of the same platinum-plated movement plate, and the movement plate Polish on the beautiful radiation pattern of the sun, while the battery at the top of the addition of two modified drill bits. Here to tell you about the table friends. Quartz movement of the drill bit relative to the mechanical movement will be much weaker, because the quartz movement does not rely on drill bit to achieve the function, Quartz movement accuracy comes mainly from the pulse frequency, relying on the battery to give the watch a stable power, rather than the same as mechanical rolex replica need to be converted by mechanical parts on the power, which is why the quartz movement will be accurate in mechanical watches important the reason. Although it is a simple matter, but Cartier is willing to make a simple quartz movement on the Swiss-made mechanical movement similar to the process, such as the Polish sun pattern, in the movement of the rotating position to add the work of fine gear . At this point is also very commendable. Standard Edition 2: original Cartier 1/2 method (square) quartz movement In order to facilitate everyone to know more. I also took out the original Cartier 28mm tank series of uk replica watches used by the movement for everyone to appreciate, the principle and process is and circular version of the quartz movement exactly the same. summary: Of course, can not blindly praise for the original song, the original is not a myth, in my view although this is a price of up to 30,000 yuan watch the movement installed, but I still think that this movement has improved space , In the precision, the use of the best resistance material is necessary. This is even high-end high imitation table is also essential. This Cartier did. But the platinum version we can note that although the Polish is very beautiful, but still because the mold is not accurate, so that we can see the green current board, compared to the Patek Philippe quartz watch, the integration of completely wrapped Quartz machine Core, with the details of the battery are done Polish excellence, I think Cartier as a real luxury. Or more should be a step forward. Standard Edition 3: OEM Swiss quartz movement The so-called OEM Swiss quartz movement, to say here, with quartz movement production technology of the watch company is very much, but most have the strength. Or really have the brand. Only the Swiss Ronda, and ETA, however, these two movements, but also in the quartz movement of the two most expensive suppliers. Because the quartz movement does not exist parts replacement, maintenance problems do not exist. OEM is produced by an unknown factory, marked with the Swiss Made only. Of course, because of its low price, but also a lot of people like to use the movement, you can assert that we buy the most high imitation watch quartz watch, are used in the Swiss quartz movement OEM. Some people say that the quartz movement is not in the rise of Japan? Yes, I personally have participated in several times around the watch show experience. As far as I know Japanese suppliers, such as Seiko, Citizen in the wall clock, multi-functional aspects of the quartz movement process, both in price and function are superior to the Swiss movement, but the Swiss quartz movement is outstanding On the appearance of the details of the processing, will be a simple circuit board like a work of art to create. This is the Swiss watchmaker spirit, but also the opportunity to Swiss quartz movement failure rate of zero excellent source, as I personally watch for the Swiss movement, I prefer the use of quartz. I believe we see these three movements, quartz movement should have a comprehensive understanding of it. Swiss quartz movement, and the Japanese quartz movement which in the end good? This is actually a completely false proposition, between the two for market positioning, and development direction is completely different things. So if I ask my personal advice, I can only say that according to your needs to decide, do not blindly pursue these things. As the Swiss quartz movement similar to the Ronda ETA such a large group at present is definitely not with a gyroscope, solar panels. Height measurement instrument, GPS this practical, but the appearance of the firmware ugly movement exists. However, Japan's quartz movement similar to Citizen, Seiko such suppliers, and will not spend a lot of time and energy to the movement to do a beautiful beautiful Polish lines, as well as add movement drill bits such things. Sensual point, the Japanese or Swiss quartz movement represents two kinds of lifestyle, two completely contrary to the character. All right. Thank you for watching