For the high imitation table appears made 7750 - Detailed Chinese manufacturing 12 @ 7750 chronograph movement

Today is a movement on the explanation, the Chinese-made 7750 movement, in the past posts I have had a detailed solution, but the 12-bit take the second function of the 7750 movement, there is no doubt that the current sales of the most popular Of a movement, but the evaluation of this movement on the Internet and related introduction is very small. Can be said that almost no, so today I will try to do a simple Xiangjie, and I will explain some of the movement on the note, if you are interested in this movement, or like 12-bit seconds 7750 watch, this article is still quite valuable for you. First of all, this movement for the design of mind, this movement appears entirely because of the hot AP series watch was able to appear. In the past 3 years, AP top watch brands in the Royal Oak series, has been in the form of quartz, while the price is quite cheap. Almost no more than 1500 models, while the shell is relatively rough workmanship, and did not do much research, it can be said that this AP table, has been the emergence of high-end fashion table. Only by the end of 2010, people finally try to open the mold 12-bit machine to take the seconds of the 7750, when the modification is not re-developed, just to modify a single movement, the output less, high failure rate. In spite of this, but because the appearance has done a great change, while the movement is the exclusive resources of the price is very expensive. At that time the mechanical 12-bit seconds to go finished watch, the retail price of not less than 9,000 yuan / only. However, only after this movement, in order to solve the replica watches problem of yield, capacity, open mode people began to hand the funds to find the domestic multi-pin run second research and development experience in the factory, investment-made, so only now This is a very special movement, and at the same time the price of this movement because of large quantities of industrial production, making customers get the pressure of this table more easily. So be sure to say that this movement is specifically because of the emergence of high imitation watch the movement, if there is no high imitation table of the boom, the domestic simply can not have any genuine brand watches are willing to invest nearly 10 million of funds The development of a new 12-bit seconds to go the movement. Well, we understand that the reasons for the emergence of this table, we take a look at this movement, this movement in the initial case, that is, manufacturers come from the out, is provided with the basic panel together, the basic panel Is to install the master to provide pre-commissioning of a low-cost test panel, because the multi-pin movement, mass production in the case of manufacturers, it is impossible to debug a single. So there will be a wide range of problems, such as zero position is not accurate, timing function is not accurate, calendar stuck, and so on, Of course, this is uk replica watches a complex movement will exist, but also because of its characteristics, can be seen after the installation, if you have a basic panel, then re-install the related issues can be resolved before installing, so no doubt for customers, has Installers are peace of mind and effort. Of course there are open mode in order to save costs and save these, not too much about here. But also to provide a multi-pin movement to improve the yield rate of a way. 1 2 Appearance Summary: I believe that read the article before the 7750 movement of friends must be very surprised, this is a Shanghai 7750, yes, this movement on the chain, as well as the way the calendar, and the structure of the relevant timer appearance structure , Is completely in accordance with the ETA 7750 counterfeit. But shock absorbers, or directly applied shock absorbers made. But the internal structure is completely subverted, this is not simply turn a function over, but the complete reconstruction. Then we look at the details of what changed places. Details of the back movement changes: First of all we can note that this movement of the gear is completely rebuilt. Especially for future maintenance convenience, will be some key accessories, do a different color processing, respectively, silver and gold gear, making maintenance in a more hierarchical distinction to improve maintenance efficiency, but also a key component , By imitating the ETA 7750 has been a better upgrade, you can certainly say that the best quality of the 12-bit bit of the 7750 in the energy storage is better than the ordinary 7750 movement, the failure rate is lower than the ordinary 7750 . But relative to the ETA is concerned, or slightly inferior. 18 19 Changes in the details of rolex replica uk the front movement In addition to the 12-character position of the walk seconds, the calendar has also done a new design, because it is designed for the 12-second run of the Audemars Piguet design movement, so the calendar to do a separate frame position, the installation test panel You can install the calendar to confirm whether there is an offset, so the 12-bit bit to go seconds of the 7750 movement, very few calendar left, side, side, and so a series of questions, if there can only explain the open The calendars used by the modelers are not fully prepared. The use of skills (test panel role) We all know that the 7750 is a multi-pin running seconds, at the same time have time function, but the failure rate is also there, although it can be said that most of the 7750 belongs to the user "by bad", but in the installation, there are indeed some Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients can not tolerate the problem, such as running zero non-zero, or zero deviation, 9-point 30-minute timing inaccurate, and 12-hour timing inaccurate, and so on, these are simple on the school Table instrument can not detect the problem, if the adjustment in the installation, it will certainly be completely scratched literally, leaving a lot of traces on the pointer, and so a series of questions. Of course, the movement of the manufacturers is not possible to help you solve these problems, in the face of huge production tasks, a single model of the right to speak is very, very small. If the mold people dare to make such a request on the movement manufacturers, is sure to be said that amateur. We can find, take a lot of marks on the second hand, which is to get the movement, I found the second hand is not accurate to do the adjustment, leaving the traces Figure 2 can be found, this movement, there is a problem in the zero, the second hand has been offset, Figure 3 is a simple correction, there are still minor offsets, but also need to adjust again, Only to Figure 5 and Figure 6, is to achieve the perfect effect. to sum up: There is no doubt that this movement to solve the existing 6 & 9-bit seconds to go 7750 some of the problems prevalent ①: to enhance the energy storage effect, this movement of the average energy storage time of up to 45 hours or more, batch of excellent movement, with 57 hours of energy storage. ②: solve the calendar calendar of the popular calendar left or 7750, the problem of right-hand side, more convenient to leave the mold in the 7750 movement to add a magnifying glass lens. Optimized styles. ③: Optimize the gear sort, making the installation of this movement watch more easily repaired. Through this article I believe we can understand that in the world of watches as long as there is a high degree of recognition of the product. There will be no problem can not be solved. Provided that the industry is how the trend in the movement appears, a large number of imitation of other factories also poured in, but not to do better to win, but to win at low prices, this is my personal The most despised of an act. But because of high imitation watches, and the movement of the industry is an unrestricted industry without legal protection. For anybody, this kind of imitation is 100% zero risk in China at least. Low prices to impact high-priced market, there is no doubt the most simple and effective way. I and friends to do business, is not such a thing? But from the heart I sincerely hope that one day China's "high imitation table" has been recognized by most people, you can sell more expensive than the original, but still some people are willing to let it go farther, well, here Thank you for watching