real stuff! The Application of True South African Diamond in High Imitation

This article is on the South African true diamond in the high imitation of the application, the real diamonds used in the high imitation Cartier Monsanto, the circle, the whole table diamond case, and the same authentic side Four rows of diamonds, chamfered at the two big drill, all hand-neatly mosaic. At the end of the article I will briefly explain the drilling of the South Africa on the most direct identification. If you are interested in real diamonds in high imitation of the application on the table, then this article will let you know a lot of things First of all, simple to explain on the diamond, the real diamond process is only needed in the white steel on the basis of real diamonds, does not require special for the diamond and re-create a special shell, and because the mosaic real drilling, relative to other high Imitation of the table, the cost is very high, so if you are interested in mosaic true diamond friends. You can buy a white steel replica watches uk to confirm the relevant details, and then delivery business diamond, so you can ensure that all the mosaic is done by hand. This is the standard plate by the high imitation of Cartier Santos mosaic completed, the following I come to explain to you the relevant details. Diamond mosaic need to be completely removed part of the mosaic, through the wax injection technology for artificial inlay, the need for jewelry division has great patience and time to complete, which is really high price of handmade diamond-studded reason. Genuine diamond inlay is also applicable to the completion of wax injection technology. In the past two years, just when the rise of diamond-studded process, there are many big names like to rolex replica watches buy a very cheap authentic, such as Casio electronic watches, and then find a special jewelry company, full diamond processing, Even more expensive than the entire table a few hundred times, such as a 1000 yuan or so Casio, spent 200,000 yuan to diamond, and so burning the package behavior. Detailed Xiangjie Diamond details in addition to the choice of diamonds, but also in the mosaic of the pursuit of aesthetics watch shell is an irregular shell, so in the choice of replica watches diamonds that is, the size of the diamond control, and alignment to do the relevant design , To this high imitation of Santos, for example, in the chamfer, it is necessary to select two larger than other diamond drill to fill the chamfer. Align it. At the same time in the selection of small drill, but also choose the same size or similar pieces of broken diamond to mosaic. True and false identification of simple diamonds Diamond's true and false identification is the safest way to take the eyepiece to observe its water chestnut, this identification need to really get into the jewelry industry experience can draw conclusions. However, a more direct method is to use the probe pen (sapphire detection pen) to check the hardness, so that almost can distinguish more than 9 percent of fake diamonds. The real South African Diamond Association and the probe pen to produce a strong response to reach the full grid.